About Energy Nation

Behind the American energy revolution are 9.8 million oil and natural gas industry professionals, men and women who work day in and day out to produce the energy that heats American homes, powers the American economy and drives commerce around the world. Through Energy Nation, America’s energy workers—employees, retirees, vendors, suppliers and their families—are united and their voices amplified to reach decision-makers in their communities, states and in our Nation’s capital to help secure a stronger, more independent American energy future.

Members of Energy Nation play a part in defending American energy development and American energy jobs. Energy Nation gives members throughout the country the opportunity to learn and engage with each other about the issues that matter to our industry, to influence the debate happening in their communities and interact directly with elected officials.

America has the resources, the technology and the talented professionals needed to be the world’s energy superpower. Energy Nation is working to make that potential become a reality.