Action Alerts

By standing together, Energy Nation members can make clear to our elected officials the value of our industry to millions of jobs, energy independence, and economic prosperity. Below we’ve highlighted some of the most important issues facing our industry today—and more importantly, ways that we can unite to make our voices heard on these issues. Learn what you can do today.

Protect Bayou Region Industry and Jobs!

Terrebonne Parish chooses to work with the energy industry to help grow the local economy, create good jobs and work to protect our coast. However, the State seemingly does not want us to set our own path with our most important industry.

Protecting the Bayou Region’s future means working with the energy industry, not against it. 

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Oppose the Nuclear Bailout in Ohio!

Politicians in Columbus have introduced new legislation, House Bill 6, to bailout a bankrupt nuclear power plant. This proposal will distort Ohio's competitive energy marketplace, unfairly disadvantaging our industry. Take action now to tell your lawmakers: NO Nuclear Bailout!

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Tell PA Lawmakers: No Nuclear Bailout!

Yet again, profitable Pennsylvania nuclear power plant operators want a bailout that they don't need--at the expense of state electricity customers. Tell your legislators to reject H.B. 11 and oppose this bailout!

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