Offshore Drilling

Offshore drilling currently accounts for more than half of U.S. oil and natural gas production, but government restrictions still keep some of our richest reserves off-limits.

The Obama Administration’s current five-year offshore leasing plan limits offshore oil and natural gas exploration to areas where drilling is already taking place. This leaves the Atlantic, the Pacific coast, parts of the Gulf of Mexico, and the Alaskan coast off limits—87 percent of the offshore areas controlled by the U.S. government are inaccessible to energy development.

New offshore exploration could add millions of new barrels of oil a day to our energy portfolio, as well as create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and generate tens of billions in tax revenues. By allowing the industry to explore, discover, and develop our offshore resources, the Obama Administration would be making an environmentally sound, economically smart choice to use the huge energy resources that are all around us.