Resources Portal

Welcome to the Energy Nation Resource Portal. Energy Nation gives industry members throughout the country the opportunity to learn and educate others about issues that impact American oil and natural gas development. Please explore and take advantage of the resources that Energy Nation has to offer.

  • BLM Waste Prevention

    BLM Waste Prevention

  • Decline to Sign Initiative 97!

    Decline to Sign Initiative 97!

    Initiative 97 aims to ban responsible energy development in Colorado. It could put our jobs at risk, reduce critical revenue that helps pay for schools, roads, and raise the cost of energy in Colorado.

  • Energy Proud

    Energy Proud

    Learn more about Energy Proud campaign.

  • Ethanol Mandates

    Ethanol Mandates

    Find resources on the RFS and state legislation.

  • Hydraulic Fracturing

    Hydraulic Fracturing

    Set the record straight on this game-changing technology.

  • Infrastructure


    Advocate for a 21st century infrastructure system to deliver our products.

  • Natural Gas

    Natural Gas

    It’s creating jobs, growing the economy, and helping our environment.

  • Offshore Access

    Offshore Access

    Educate and advocate for expanded access to U.S. offshore energy.

  • Power Past Politics

    Power Past Politics

    Let's choose sensible solutions over feat and politics, and hold our candidates and elected officials accountable.

  • Public Awareness

    Public Awareness

    Find resources to help you educate the public on the important work that energy industry workers do for communities across America.

  • Taxes


    Commonsense tax reform will encourage growth and innovation.

  • Trade


    Find out what Energy Nation is doing on this important issue.