Expand U.S. Offshore Energy Access!

Please sign the petition in support of offshore energy exploration in the Atlantic.

How can America create jobs, move closer to energy independence, and help rebuild the roads and bridges in our communities? By safely developing America’s energy resources offshore!

American energy works for our families, our communities and our economy but right now, 87 percent of our offshore areas are off limits to oil and natural gas development. After decades of missed opportunity, the Federal Government is inching closer to opening additional offshore areas to energy production and in the next few weeks, the Obama Administration will come out with its 5-year plan on offshore leasing. This decision could be a gamer changer. Show your support for hundreds of thousands of jobs, energy independence and rebuilding community infrastructure by signing our petition

Reasons to support safely exploring for and developing oil and natural gas along the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf:

  • It is safe. Cutting-edge new technologies, an unparalleled commitment to safety, and strong regulations will mean the coastline and environment are protected.
  • It will bring us closer to energy independence. Increased offshore energy production will lessen our reliance on foreign sources of oil.
  • It will better our communities. Revenue from offshore drilling could repair roads and bridges, bring more funding for schools and community services, and support community priorities.
  • It will create jobs—offshore and on. It could put 280,000 Americans to work.

It’s time for the federal government to do the right thing for American families, communities, and our economy by increasing our access to the vast resources off of the Atlantic coast.