Colorado energy production helps create jobs and power our economy. But the state’s energy future is under attack from well-funded activists who want to stunt Colorado oil and natural gas development.

Colorado has been in the energy development business for more than a century and for decades has safely used hydraulic fracturing to access its rich oil and natural gas resources. The hydraulic fracturing process is making clean-burning natural gas more affordable and available in Colorado and around the nation. But in spite of hydraulic fracturing’s impeccable environmental and safety track record –and the fact that the process is closely supervised by federal and state regulators—anti-energy activists are trying to ban “fracking” in Colorado.

They’ve tried outright fracking bans and now they’re pushing so-called “local control” ballot initiatives—all aimed at bringing Colorado energy development to a halt. If the anti-energy crowd succeeds, the impact on Colorado working families and businesses would be devastating. Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry supports the careers of more than 213,000 men and women and contributes $25.8 billion to the state economy each year. A fracking ban would put close to 100,000 of those jobs and $12 billion in jeopardy.