Texas is an energy powerhouse, producing more oil and natural gas than any other state in the country. By itself, Texas—with close to two million energy jobs—is on track to produce more oil than all but five countries around the world.

Energy is a way of life in Texas. No other state does as much for the cause of American energy independence.

A full 1.93 million Texas jobs are supported by the state’s oil and natural gas industry, which also contributes $308.3 billion each year to the Texas economy. The state’s energy workers make, on average, more than double the salary of workers in other industries. Oil and gas producers, additionally, pay billions in taxes each year which support Texas schools, public safety, parks and community services.

Today, there are almost 900 active oil and gas rigs operating in the state, a six percent increase over last year. As oil and natural gas production in Texas continues its responsible growth, the Texas economy will grow right along with it